Preparatory Visits

Eligible activities

Preparatory Visits are short visits of representatives from educational institutions undertaken in order to:

  • establish cooperation between institutions;
  • maintain and develop previous inter-institutional contacts;
  • prepare and  schedule common project;
  • fill in an application form in order to apply for funds within Scholarship and Training Fund or from other programmes.


Any institution which may participate in any of the actions under the STF, including institutions in Donor States, can apply for funding for visits. For formal reasons, it is the institution which applies, not individuals.

Project duration

Duration of one visit is up to 5 working days.

Eligible costs

The following expenditures will be eligible within preparatory visits:

  • cost of travel and insurance up to 500 €;
  • subsistence cost of 250 € per day.

Application procedure

Application forms will be submitted to the Operator after publication of „Call for Proposals” min. 8 weeks before the planned date of the visit.

Essential enclosures to the application form will be documents confirming intention of partner cooperation as well as reliable and feasible planning of the visit in a form of i.a. invitation,  letter of intent, schedule of the visit.

Financing principles

Payments will be made on the bank account of the beneficiary institution given in the agreement. Payments will not be made on the bank account of individual beneficiary.

Schedule of payments

  • advance payment - up to 80% of the total co-financing amount payable upon signature of the contract,
  • balance payment - up to 20% of the total co-financing amount payable upon acceptance of the Completion Report.


Final financial settlement will be done on the basis of the Completion Report, which should be submitted to the Operator not later than 10 working days from the completion of the visit. The beneficiary will present together with the Completion Report “Confirmation of Stay” issued by the  hosting institution and travel documents confirming travel expenses.