Summary - 1st Call for Proposals

Summary - 1st Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits

within Scholarship and Training Fund

The first Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Norway Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds is closed. Preparatory Visits have enjoyed great interest on the part of applicants from Poland and Donor States; Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. All applications submitted to the Programme Operator in paper have been assessed in terms of formal eligibility and quality, and the applicants have been informed about the decision on funding and the amount of awarded funds.

The table below presents a summary of the selection under the 1st Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits, which lasted from 10 January to 11 March 2013.

Summary of the Call for Proposals
Number of applications Applicants from Poland Applicants from Donor States Total
Number of e-applications submitted in an on-line system 72 20 92
Number of applications submitted to the Operator in paper 68 18 86
Number of applications approved for funding 46 6 52
Number of applications rejected for formal reasons 22 12 34

The Call for Proposals was conducted on an on-going basis, i.e. formal and quality assessment were staged and grant award decisions were taken as the applications were received by the Operator. The Board of Directors of FRSE took grant award decisions once each week and relevant information was immediately posted on the Scholarship and Training Fund’s website.

During formal assessment, 13 applicants were asked to provide additional information. Usually, they were asked to properly authenticate the enclosures to the applications. In several cases, the Operator asked host institutions to confirm their readiness to work on holidays, during which visits are to be staged (along with working days).

The most frequent mistake resulting in the rejection of an application on formal grounds, which could not be rectified, was missing original letter of intent from a host institution. Other reasons included other missing enclosures, such as copies of entries in relevant registers. In a few cases, the schedule for the visit was planned in a wrong way, as it included holidays. In other cases, the applications were submitted after the deadline or submitted in a time limit shorter than eight weeks prior to the planned starting date of the visit. In a few cases, the applications were rejected because they did not meet more than one formal requirement.

The Operator investigated 19 appeals from formal assessment results. In the case of five institutions, it changed its decision and in the case of the remaining 14 appeals the decision was upheld.

Formal assessment criteria applied by the Programme Operator were published in the documents forming part of the Call for Proposals posted on the Fund's website, i.e. the Application Form, the Guide for Applicants and Formal and Eligibility Checklist..

Formal and elligibility assessment criteria were designed with taking into consideration the method of selecting and assessing the applications on on-going basis and the resulting short time limit between the submitting the application and starting date of the visit, in which formal and quality assessment was to be made, the applicant was given time to appeal, and time was ensured to sign the agreement and prepare for the visit (time to book and buy tickets, etc.). Requirements stipulated by Donor States formed another important factor affecting formal assessment criteria. In accordance with Art. 6.8, clause 7 of the Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and and Regulation on the implementation of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, all Project Promoters are obliged to sign Partnership agreements prior to commencing the implementation of projects with partners coming from Donor States. In the case of Preparatory Visits, in order to streamline the procedure, the requirement was limited to presenting along with the application an original letter of intent signed by a partner institution.

As a result of the formal and eligibility assessment, 52 applications were submitted for quality and content related assessment and 34 applications were rejected.

Quality assessment was staged by two employees of the Operator in accordance with the criteria published in Quality Assessment Form. Maximum number of points to be awarded to a top-quality application was 48, and awarding 60% of the total score, i.e. 29 points, resulted in taking a positive decision and approving the application in terms of its quality. No applications have been rejected as part of quality assessment.

Total grant for the implementation of 52 preparatory visits amounted to EUR 81,520.00.

The table below presents the results of the 1st Call for Proposals divided per country, in which the visits will be staged, and the total amount of funds contracted for the staging of the visits in a given country.

Summary devided per country
Country Poland Norway Iceland Liechtenstein Total
Number of visits 6 31 12 3 52
Total grant amount (€) 9 250,00 € 48 020,00 € 19 000,00 € 5 250,00 € 81 520,00 €

We would like to thank all applicants from Poland and Donor States for their interest in cooperation and active participation in the 1st call for proposals under the Scholarship and Training Fund!