Summary – 2nd Call for Proposals

Summary – 2nd Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits
within Scholarship and Training Fund

2nd Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway through the EEA grants and Norway grants and co-financed by the Polish funds is closed. The total available amount of funds to be distributed between beneficiaries within this Call for Proposals was 177 284 EUR. The call was launched on December 4, 2013 with a scheduled deadline on February 3, 2014. Since the allocation available had not been exhausted, the call was prolonged twice - first until  March 31, 2014 and then until complete disbursement of funds. Finally, the Call for Proposals was closed on May 16, 2014.

The table below presents a summary of the selection under the 2nd Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits.

Number of applications Applicants from
Applicants from
Donor States
Number of e-applications submitted on-line 159 4 163
Number of applications submitted to the Operator in paper 148 4 152
Number of applications approved for funding 119 2 121
Number of applications rejected 23 1 24
Number of applications withdrawn 6 1 7

Preparatory Visits have enjoyed great interest mainly from Polish applicants. All applications submitted to the Programme Operator in paper were assessed in terms of formal eligibility. Subsequently, projects meeting all the formal criteria were subject to quality assessment. After each stage, the applicants were informed on the results of the assessment along with further procedure, including appeal. Applications scoring at least 29 points (60%) in quality and content related assessment were approved for funding or placed on the reserve list.

The Call for Proposals was conducted on an on-going basis, i.e. formal and quality assessment were staged and grant award decisions were taken as the applications were filed to the Operator. The Board of Directors of FRSE took grant award decisions once every week and relevant information was immediately posted on the Scholarship and Training Fund website.

During the formal assessment, 25 applications were rejected. A lack of the appropriate letter of intent from a host institution was the most frequent reason for the rejection of an application on formal grounds. In several cases, the applications were not submitted minimum eight weeks prior to the planned starting date of the visit, which was an obligatory requirement. In other instances, the applications were rejected because they did not meet more than one formal requirement.

In several cases, the Operator asked host institutions to confirm their readiness to work on holidays, during which visits were to be staged (according to schedules provided in the applications). Representatives of all host institutions confirmed schedules for all projects.

The Operator investigated 7 appeals to formal assessment results. In all the cases appeals were considered favorably to applicants.

Formal assessment criteria applied by the Programme Operator were published on the Fund website as an integral part of the Call for Proposals :

As a result of the formal and eligibility assessment, 134 applications were subject to quality and content related assessment. Quality assessment was staged by two employees of the Operator, independently, in accordance with the criteria published in the Quality Assessment Form. A maximum number of points awarded to a top-quality application was 48, whereas 60% of the total score, i.e. 29 points, resulted in and the  quality approval of the application .
6 applications were rejected in a quality assessment.

In total, 152 applications for the overall amount of 230 205,00 € were submitted within the 2nd Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits . As a result of a positive recommendation of the Scholarship and Training Fund and the decision of the FRSE Management Board, 121 applicants were approved for funding, for the total applied amount of  182 900,00 €.

The contracted amount is higher than an original available allocation within this Call for Proposal  as not all beneficiaries use up the whole grant awarded. Savings result from the final settlement of the projects already completed.

The table below presents the results of the call divided per country, where the visits are staged, and the total amount of funds contracted for the staging of the visits in a given country.

  Country     Poland     Norway     Iceland     Liechtenstein     Total  
 Number of visits 2 77 39 3 121
Total grant amount [EUR] 3 500,00 114 900,00 59 250,00 5 250,00 182 900,00

We would like to thank all applicants from Poland and Donor States for their interest in cooperation and active participation in the 2nd Call for Proposals for Preparatory Visits within the Scholarship and Training Fund!