Results of the Call for Proposals

Please find below results of the formal assessment, quality assessment and decisions of the FRSE Management Board for Call for Proposals within Study Visits.

The results of the formal assessment

The list is updated once a week. Projects with status “formally approved” subject to quality assessment. “formally rejected” projects not subject to further assessment. Project with status “to explain” waiting for the final formal assessment.

The results of the quality assessment - results as at 25th October 2016

The list is updated once a week. The final recommendation of the projects for financing is made by the Programme Operator. The final decision on the projects to be financed is made by the FRSE Management Board by means of resolution.

Decisions of the FRSE Management Board

The list is placed after each meeting of the FRSE Management Board, which will be taken on the resolution of the final status of projects submitted under the Study Visits. The decision may be as follows:

  • positive - the project receives funding;
  • negative - quality rejected: the project did not meet the quality criteria of the call for proposals;
  • negative - lack of funds: the project has met the quality criteria, but the exhaustion of the pool of funds available in the call did not receive funding.

The reserve list - results as at 25th October 2016

The allocation available for the implementation of Study Visits is exhausted. Applications meeting formal and content-related criteria will be placed on the reserve list. They will receive funding based on availability of funds, released systematically as a result of settling of completion reports of projects accomplished within STF.

Funding will be awarded to the projects from the reserve list in order of submission of the application.