Development of Polish Higher Education Institutions

Development of Polish HEIs provides the possibility of co-financing projects aimed at development of curricula and institutional capacities of Polish Higher Education Institutions.

Eligible activities

Activities undertaken as part of particular projects should lead to:

  • development of study programmes in English as a language of instruction;
  • development of joint study programmes (at bachelor, master or doctoral level) leading to double diploma;
  • development of new, innovative study programmes, responding to new needs and challenges emerging at national or European level;
  • preparation of a new course, module, specialization, study
  • programme;
  • establishment of two-cycle study programmes based on learning outcomes, with ECTS as an accumulation system;
  • development of quality culture, including internal systems for Quality Assurance;
  • development of study programmes in cooperation with private sector.

Projects can envisage:

  • international mobility between partners;
  • preparation of teaching programmes;
  • organization of meetings, seminars, workshops;
  • need analysis;
  • development of policy plans;
  • development of teaching tools, methods, materials.


The eligible applicants are Polish Higher Education Institutions.

Partnership is necessary for projects aiming at development of joint study programmes. In such cases eligible institutions will apply on behalf of a partnership. The partnership shall consist of at least two institutions, at least one of which must be from Norway. In other projects the partnership will be optional.

Project duration

The project lasts from 1 to ca. 2 years.

Application procedure

Polish project coordinator submits an application on a designated form. The application specifies the objectives of the project, cooperation between partners (if applicable), activities and budget. The application form, eligibility assessment form and quality assessment form as well as Guide for applicants will be published on the webpage together will call announcement.

The call for proposal for Development of Polish HEIs projects is planned for spring 2013 and will be opened for 2 months.

Financing principles

Under the development of Polish HEIs it is possible to obtain co-financing between 20.000 € to 250.000 €. The co-financing amount granted may not exceed 90% of the entire project cost, the remaining minimum amount of 10% should be ensured by the applicant from sources other than the STF.

Eligible costs

  • travel, insurance and subsistence costs;
  • organisational costs for seminars, workshops, conferences;
  • project staff costs;
  • preparation and production of teaching materials;
  • purchase of teaching equipment for up to 30% of the total eligible costs;
  • administrative costs.

Schedule of payments

  • advance payments – up to 80% of the total co-financing amount, payable upon signature of the contract (depending on the financial check before the signature of the contract), in case of private institutions receiving grant above 25.000 € and after financial check the advance payments can be in few instalments,

  • interim payment – up to 40% of the total co-financing amount, payable upon acceptance of the Interim Report and after utilization of 70% of the previous payment,

  • balance payment – up to 20% of the total co-financing amount, payable upon acceptance of the Completion Report.


The beneficiary submits interim reports every four months covering three reporting periods in each calendar year. The completion report shall be submitted within 1 month of the completion of eligibility period.