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The film „FSS: International mobility, cooperation and development in education” was launched at the conference summing up the second edition of the Scholarship and Training Fund, which was held in Warsaw on 25 November 2016. The footage is an attempt to show a supportive role of the Fund in co-financing innovative and important projects, improving the quality of education in Poland. We tried to present FSS in a nutshell: with great diversity of implemented projects and enthusiasm of people engaged in their development. FSS projects and the outcomes they delivered add up to an enormous potential, which is hoped to develop in new valuable initiatives in the future. We would like to thank all our Beneficiaries for their hospitality while filming, for sharing their valuable experience of partner cooperation and, last but not least, for engaging presentations of completed projects.

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The adventure of making the film „FSS -- Get inspired to action!" started in September 2011 when the idea to document the work of Fund beneficiaries and staff was born. We wanted to present the variety of realized projects and benefits they brought. We also aimed at showing enthusiasm of all the people engaged and enormous potential which is still to be exploited.

Facing organizational difficulties connected with visits to beneficiary institutions, often located in the remote parts of Poland, together with the film crew we tried to show FSS in a nutshell.

We would like to thank all beneficiaries who warmly welcomed our film crew, presented their projects and shared their experience from cooperation with partners. We hope that the material we shot will illustrate variety and significant role of educational projects implemented within the Scholarship and Training Fund.


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