National Agency for International Education Affairs (AIBA) is a National Agency for Lifelong Learning Programme for years 2007-2013. It deals with administration of: Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to these the Agency is charged with other regional and international projects in the area of education, among them programme dealing with vocational education. The Agency is also responsible for implementation of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) in Liechtenstein. From 2008 AIBA is also focal point for Scholarship Funds implemented  within Financial Mechanisms.




Marion Kindle-Kühnis
Agentur für Internationale Bildungsangelegenheiten
Postplatz 2 / Postfach 22
FL- 9494 Schaan
tel. +423 236 7220
fax +423 236 7224