The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)  is a Norwegian public sector agency that promotes international cooperation in education and research. Mission of SIU is promoting and facilitating cooperation and mobility as well as overcoming of cultural barriers to communication and exchange in education on an international level.  The centre is charged with the important task of coordinating national measures  within the field of internationalisation according to priorities of the official Norwegian policy. SIU is Norway’s official agency managing international programmes and measures related to education.  It deals with administration of national and international programmes within all levels of education. SIU is also responsible for promoting Norway as an education and research destination, as well as for providing information and advisory services within the field of internationalisation in education.

The following programmes are managed by SIU:

  • the European Commission’s Programme - Lifelong Learning Programme together with its four sector-programmes Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig; 
  • Nordplus Junior,  Nordplus Adult Learning, Nordplus Higher Education and Nordplus Horizontal within Nordplus Programme;
  • Numerous programmes designed for assistance in development;
  • Bilateral programmes between Norway and Europe and other countries of the whole world;
  • programmes leading to creation common study curricula: Erasmus Mundus, Nordic Master Programme, International Joint Degrees.

SIU is also a contact and information point for scholarship programmes implemented within Financial Mechanisms. The main task of SIU within scholarship programmes includes:

  • providing information to Operators of different Funds from beneficiary – countries about Norwegian institutions and Norwegian system of education;
  • providing information to Norwegian institutions, universities and schools;
  • supporting of establishment of partner-cooperation;
  • organising contact seminars;
  • assisting institutions from beneficiary – countries in finding a partner from Norway;
  • promotion of EEA-Norwaz Grants in Norway.


Veena Gill and Frank Moe
The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)
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