Programme Partners

Taking into consideration the importance of international co-operation in the area of education among countries involved in the Programme, the Fund Operator will actively contribute to strengthening of the bilateral cooperation between Poland and Donor States:

  • at the national level by organizing events promoting II edition of the Programme and disseminating information on the results of the previous edition of the Programme in 2004 – 2009, which was very well recognizable in Poland,
  • at the level of the Programme Operator and Donor Programme Partners – through frequent and efficient cooperation during implementation of the Fund,  
  • at the level of educational institutions – through implementation of  information and promotion activities by the Programme Operator and by Donor Programme Partners as well as through common initiatives within projects,
  • at the level of individuals – through participation in flows of mobility (e.g. during preparatory visits) and events organized in Poland and Donor States.

Foundation for the Development of the Education System acting as Programme Operator will be assisted in implementing of the Programme by three Donor Programme Partners:

  • The Norwegian Centre for Cooperation in Education SIU from Norway,
  • The Icelandic Centre for Research RANNIS from Iceland,
  • National Agency for International Affairs AIBA from Liechtenstein.

Guideline for strengthened bilateral relations