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Environmental education for sustainable development in teacher education
Beneficiary: Maria Grzegorzewska University
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0017
Modern education on prevention of environmental threats
Beneficiary: University of Silesia
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0027
Vocational counselling open to shaping of environmental awareness of the public
Beneficiary: Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0032
Postgraduate studies - Legal instruments of environment protection
Beneficiary: Maria Curie Skłodowska University
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0033
Building the environment friendly Europe – curricula of MA studies in English at the Construction course
Beneficiary: Lublin University of Technology
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0034
SUSTMAN – Entrepreneurship, sustainable development and manufacturing for students of PWSZ in Konin
Beneficiary: State University of Applied Sciences in Konin
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0048
Prevention of pollution of environment by chemicals used in fine arts conservation through application of laser technology
Beneficiary: Higher School of Artistic Handicraft and Management
Project no.: FSS/2014/HEI/W/0053