Summary - Call for Proposals

Summary of the Call for Proposals within Scholarship and Training Fund

Mobility Projects in Higher Education

for 2015/2016 academic year

On the 2nd April 2015 the subsequent Call for Proposals for Mobility Projects in Higher Education co-financed under EEG Financial Mechanism, Norwegian Financial Mechanism and by the Polish funds was closed. The eligible applicants were Polish Higher Education Institutions holding valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

35 application forms from previous participants as well as from the new ones for the amount of €  5 011 869,00  were submitted in the electronic online system.  The Call lasted for two months, it started on 2nd February and  finished on 2nd April 2014. During this period an internet platform for electronic submission of applications was made available.

Open Days, i.e. informational meetings was organized. The meetings gathered participants from HEIs which had already participated in projects within Scholarship and Training Fund as well as representatives of HEIs which were going to submit their application for the first time.

Although accurate summary of the Call will be possible only after receiving hard copies of the application forms, one might compare some of its elements with the 2014/2015 Call. Comparing to the previous Call 4 applications more were lodged, demand for funds was higher by € 720 682,00 and 151 more exchanges were planned.  Analysis of the above results allows to conclude that more and more HEIs want to take advantage of the funding which is accessible thanks to the Scholarship and Training Fund and more and more people want to participate in exchanges with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, as well as to come to Poland. Unfortunately some of the HEIs which were interested in the mobility projects,  did not submit their applications. The reasons for that were different. Some of them didn’t meet the criteria of the deadline of the completion of the call. In individual cases Polish institutions couldn't participate in the call due to the fact that they didn’t receive partner interinstitutional agreement on time.

The table below presents summary of the finished Call for Proposals for projects which are going to be realized in academic year 2014/2015, showing demand in the division into Donor-States in which the exchange was planned.


Donor-State Norway Iceland Liechtenstein Total
Number of exchanges 912 200 31 1143
Amount (EUR) 4 056 642,00 € 802 977,00 € 152 250,00 € 5 011 869,00 €


At the moment Project Operator is waiting to receive the electronically submitted applications in hard copies.  They will be assessed in accordance with the Formal assessment form published at the Programme Operator’s web site.

At the next stage the Programme Operator will carry out all the necessary actions leading to the formal acceptance of the applications, signing of the financial agreements and beginning of the exchanges, as described in the Guide for Applicants.

We would like to thank all applying HEIs for their interest in cooperation with institutions from Donor-States and active participation in the Call for Proposals for Mobility Projects in Higher Education within Scholarship and Training Fund.