Preparatory Visits - december 2013 - CALL CLOSED

ATTENTION: Information May 15th, 2014

Please be informed that the possibility of filling in and submitting application forms for Preparatory Visits measure  in the online system, will  end on Friday, 16 May 2014 at 16:00.

Hard copies of submitted electronically application forms should be sent  to the Programme Operator no later than by Tuesday, 20 May 2014, inclusive (the date will be determined on the postmark / courier postage).


  • DECEMBER 2013

  • Foundation for the Development of the Education System

  • acting as the Programme Operator of the Scholarship and Training Fund in Poland

  • announces open Call for proposals

The Scholarship and Training Fund (STF) appointed within EEA and Norway Grants aims to contribute to the development of social and economic cohesion within European Economic Area through facilitating cooperation in the field of education between Poland and the Donor States: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

1. Eligible activities for financing within the Call for proposal

Call is open for applications submitted within the measure Preparatory Visits – short mobilities of representatives of educational institutions, aiming at:

  • establishing cooperation between institutions;
  • supporting and developing of existing inter-institutional contacts;
  • preparing and planning of joint project;
  • submitting of an application for one or several measures covered by the Fund or other programmes.

2. Eligible applicants

The applying institution has to be registered for at least 12 months before submitting an application.


The eligible applicants are institutions engaged in formal education, such as:

  • schools (primary, lower-/upper secondary, vocational, technical college);
  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) (public and private);
  • continuing education public institutions and practical training public institutions;
  • institutions providing doctoral studies which results in a Ph.D. (such as HEIs, Polish Academy of Science (PAN) units, research institutes, scientific institutes)

An applying institution from Poland needs to have partner from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway as a hosting institution.

Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway)

The eligible institutions are: schools, HEIs, other institutions providing education at all levels, private sector – enterprises and social partners cooperating with education institutions, private and public organisations including not-for-profit and non-governmental institutions, research centres.

An applying institution from Donor State needs to have a partner from Poland as a hosting institution.

3. Project duration

Duration of one visit is from 1 up to 5 working days. Visit may start on  29th January 2014 at the earliest and has to be finished on  30th June  2014 at the latest.

4. Total allocation

The total possible amount of funds to be distributed between beneficiaries (allocation from EEA/Norway Grants 2009-2014 as well as national contribution) within this Call for Proposals is 177 284 EUR. Call for proposal is on-going thus each application fulfilling formal and quality criteria will be recommended for funding on current basis  as long as the budget is available.

5. Project grant rate

Grant from the STF will cover 100% of total eligible project costs. No contribution of the applicant is required.

6. Eligible costs

The following categories of expenditures will be eligible within the Preparatory Visits:

  • cost of travel and insurance up to 500 €;
  • subsistence cost of 250 € per day;
  • additional, individual cost resulting from disability (if applicable).

7. Selection criteria

Project assessment is a two-staged process and consists of formal and quality assessment. Only projects that meet all the formal criteria will be subject to quality assessment. The formal and quality assessment is carried out by the Programme Operator.

Applications will be regarded as meeting the formal criteria if i.a.:

  1. are submitted within defined deadline,
  2. are submitted using appropriate application forms,
  3. are signed by relevant persons,
  4. all required obligatory annexes are attached.

The complete list of all criteria is given in the Formal Assessment Form (See item 11 Documents to be downloaded).

The quality assessment will comprise a review of following points:

a) objectives of the visit for individual and institution;
b) agenda and plan for the activities to be undertaken during the visit;
c) contribution of the activities planned to drafting the future project;
d) qualifications and professional background of the participant;
e) letter of intent (Host institution) and letter of recommendation (Home institution) confirming that the institutions are supporting the visit.

Additionally, quality assessment will include a formal assessment of the requested budget in relation to activities proposed.

The complete list of all criteria is given in the Quality Assessment Form (See item 11 Documents to be downloaded).

The final recommendation of the projects for financing is made by the Programme Operator. The final decision on the projects to be financed is made by the FRSE Management Board by means of resolution.

8. Information on appeal measures available to applicants

Applicants may turn to appeal procedure at the stage of formal or quality assessment. The appeal procedure consists of two instances. The Programme Operator is the institution of the first instance while the National Focal Point (NFP) is the second instance. There is no appeal procedure against the decision of the second instance. There is also no appeal procedure against the final decision of the Programme Operator.

9. Payment flows and reporting

An advance payment up to 80% can be made upon signature of the Financial contract. A final balance payment, up to 20% can be made upon acceptance of the Completion Report.

The final settlement of the project is made upon acceptance of the Completion Report, submitted within 10 working days after completion of the visit. The report includes confirmation from the hosting institution.  In case of additional questions, the Programme Operator may ask project promoter for further explanations/clarifications.

10. Date, place and mode of submitting the applications for project financing

The application is submitted to the Programme Operator at least 8 weeks before the planned visit.

The Call for proposals takes place from 4th December 2013  till  3rd February 2014, till 16:00. The deadline refers both to the hard copy version and electronic version of the application submitted via application form generator.

In case the funds available within the Call will not be exhausted, the deadline for submission of the applications may be prolonged. Suitable information will be published on the Programme Operator’s website

The application form must be submitted via application form generator that is to be found at:

Then, the printed version of the application form together with all required attachments must be delivered in one envelope or parcel, through the post (in this case, the deadline refers to a post stamp), dispatch rider (in this case, the deadline refers to register date) or in person, in 2 copies to the Programme Operator under the address:

  • Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE)
  • The Scholarship and Training Fund
  • 43 Mokotowska str.
  • 00-551 Warsaw
  • Poland

11. Documents to be downloaded

Application documents

Additional programme documents:

  • Regulations on the implementation of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
  • Guidelines of the Donor-States
  • Guidelines of the Minister of Regional Development on the call for proposals procedure regarding contest projects under the EEA Financial Mechanism for the period 2009-2014 and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the period 2009-2014

---> Programme documents

For additional information, please contact (working days, from 9.00 till 16.00):

  • Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE)
  • Scholarship and Training Fund
  • 43 Mokotowska str.
  • 00-551 Warsaw
  • phone +48/22 46 31 000
  • fax +48/22 46 31 028

According to the art. 35 § 1 of the Administrative Code in Poland all queries will be answered without undue delay (in general - within 21 working days, but in justified cases this period may be longer).

Contact details for additional information on partner search for Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein:


  • The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)
  • Veena Gill and Ieva Serapinaite
  • Postbox 7800
  • N-5020 Bergen
  • Norway
  • tel. + 47 55 30 88 00
  • fax + 47 55 30 88 01



Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.